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The Best Donuts All Across The Globe


We have all seen the evolution of the cronut, the shift from a simple jam donut to a magnitude of flavors, varieties and toppings. Donuts have become a sought out pastry, dessert, and breakfast for many. It is no longer just the quick snack of a cop but rather has evolved into something that can be both gourmet or commercialized. Each country around the world has its own version of a donut, it is often not even round, however, we have brought you the ones’ you simply have to try when traveling. These classics and rareties will have your mouth watering and may very well even make your trip, do not skip these yummy fried treats!


These little Italian delicacies are one of a kind. Best and known in Florence, they are a must-order. The small donut is sliced in half and has some kind of custard creme filling, then rolled in granulated sugar these are just too yum to be true. Extremely common around the city of Florence give them a try. Bomboloni is small, delicate, and not too much when it comes to having something sweet. However, some places do make them in a true donut size. The pastry creme and granulated sugar covering are delicious.

Krispy Kreme

The western world’s favorite. Krispy Kreme has been commercialized and is somewhat of a go-to when it comes to donuts. They are super delicious and come in a variety of flavors, with a bunch of toppings. The best, however, is the normal glazed donut and is somewhat unbeatable when it comes to donuts. They have whatever may tickle your fancy. The best part is you can get them fresh and hot when the light is turned on from outside the house.

TLV Donuts

Based in Tel Aviv these donuts are one of a kind. They are a boutique and gourmet. These can only be pre-ordered and delivered to your doorstep, they have a changing menu, which is altered at the beginning of each month. You can also customize orders with colors, letters, and more. They also make incredible cookies. Their specialty donuts can include a Creme Brule crack donut, filled donuts such as Nutella and so much more! TLV Donuts goes the extra mile with their toppings and decor, your brownie donut will literally be topped with a brownie!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Well, we have all seen a Dunkin’ Donuts wrapper in the movies, being eaten by your favorite police officers. These are most familiar to the US and are famous for their Homer Simpson, the ones you see in almost every movie. If you are ever in Boston this is the right area you just need to try one of these. Whether it is a Bavarian Kreme, chocolate creme, blueberry, or apple-crumb this is the place for all the usuals and a few specialties. This chain is known for a few other treats too, pop in and try them out.