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The Most Authentic Italian Food In Rome


Pasta, pizza and amore – the Italian capital is a paradise for foodies, especially those who have declared cheese to be their only true religion. The Romans love their kitchen, and whoever eats it up will quickly make friends and maybe get a limoncello or two on the house. Traditional Roman cuisine is simple and not always visually appealing, but a culinary revelation! One thing is clear, nobody, really nobody, should leave Rome hungry. So that doesn’t happen, we have selected the best restaurants in Rome for you. Viva Italia!

Start The Day With Real Italian Breakfast, Via Lovorno 37

If you are on your feet all day to explore the most beautiful corners of Rome, you have to strengthen yourself in the morning. Real Italians start their day in the bar around the corner with a fresh, crispy cornetto con crema and a coffee. You can get this combination pretty much everywhere. The Italian breakfast tastes excellent at Seri Il Forno 1961 in Via Livorno. Here the croissants are filled in front of your eyes with a cream of chocolate, cream, caramel or pistachio that melts on the tongue. The day couldn’t start any better! Whoever takes the coffee while standing pays less!

World Best Ice Cream At Grom, Via Agonale 3

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, if there is one thing that should not be missing when visiting Rome, it is gelato! The good thing is, in principle, you can satisfy your ice cream cravings at every corner. The homemade pistachio ice cream at Grom is a revelation! You can get particularly creamy ice cream, the most beautiful ice cream cakes in Rome and first-class granita (crushed ice cream with fruit syrup) at Gutilla!

Traditional Suppli At Supplizio, Via Dei Banchi Vecchi

A Roman is proud to be a Roman. That’s why there are of course a lot of delicacies in Rome that are otherwise difficult to find in other regions of Italy. If your feet hurt and your stomach growls after several kilometers of running on the cobblestones, you should open up and stop by Supplizio. Because nowhere are the typical Roman supplí (which is also available in Sicily in a similar variant as Arancino) as crispy and tender as here! You can enjoy the homemade fried delicacies made from rice with tomato and mozzarella, eggplant and parmesan, or minced meat and fennel! Beware, incredibly fresh, and hot!

Neapolitan pizza At The Mercato Centrale Roma, Via Giovanni Giolitti 36

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, it’s amore … you will find real pizza love in the Mercato Centrale Roma right next to the Termini station. The large market hall offers all kinds of street food delights, good coffee, fresh pasta and of course pizza. But not just any, but the Neapolitan version with wafer-thin dough and a fluffy pizza crust that melts on the tongue!