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These Foods Make You More Tired

 These Foods Make You More Tired

Always tired and exhausted? Cant keep your eyes open at work? It doesn’t always have to be a lack of sleep and exercise. Diet also contributes to how fit and alert you feel. Read here which foods can make you tired.

Empty And Simple Carbohydrates

Basically, carbohydrates are not a bad thing, but rather the number one source of energy for the body. But it depends on which form of carbohydrates you consume in order to be efficient and not sluggish. Simple and empty carbohydrates such as those contained in white flour products, sweet particles, cakes, or sweets provide the body with energy but make the blood sugar level rise and fall again quickly. This makes the body tired. The lack of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals also ensures that the body is not adequately supplied. It is better if you rely on complex carbohydrates. These are e.g. B. contained in whole grains, spelled, oatmeal, legumes and vegetables. Dietary fiber also saturates and causes the blood sugar level to rise only slowly.


The crispy muesli for breakfast, the fruit yogurt in between, the chocolate bar in the evening. All of these sweet temptations are real energy robbers. Because they are full of industrial sugar, which can make the blood sugar level skyrocket, but also drop it again just as quickly. The consequences: We fall into a deep hole – and feel limp and tired.

Fried Food

Burgers, fries and pizza are literally heavy on our stomachs. In order to digest food optimally, the body pumps blood to the stomach. The problem: In order to process heavy, high-fat foods, the body needs a lot more blood than with vegetable or low-fat products. And it is precisely this blood that we lack in our heads: We practically switch off and get tired.


Ready-made smoothies from the supermarket shelf often contain large amounts of sugar that immediately pass into the blood. As a result, the blood sugar level rises quickly and falls again just as quickly – and fatigue spreads. It is better if you prepare your smoothie yourself at home. You can use this e.g. B. with vegetables, nuts, oatmeal and good sources of protein. As a result, it saturates significantly longer!

White Flour

White bread, wheat rolls, toasts, but also pasta and pizza: food made from white industrial flour makes you tired. And for similar reasons that also apply to sweet dishes: white flour is made up of sugar or short-chain carbohydrates, which give the body a short energy boost, but immediately drop the blood sugar level again.