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This is why you should wash your hair with cola

 Washing your hair with cola could have great benefits

Do you dream of having a head full beautiful hair but is the reality a little grimmer? If you have limp, dull hair, you might want to keep reading for this trick involving cola. You’re not alone; a lot of women have hair that lacks volume and shine. That’s not that strange if you think about what we collectively do to our hair: the frequent washing, dyeing, straightening and curling we do doesn’t do our hair any favours. Luckily, there’s a simple product that might just make all the difference, and you’re likely to have a bottle of it in your fridge already.

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Wash your hair

We can’t tell you if this truly works as well as some of the claims make it out to, but this trick is definitely worth a try if you want more voluminous hair. The cola is said to cause your hair to be less limp and to create a ‘messy’ structure – but in a good way. The high acidity level of cola causes the hair scales to close and contract. This makes your hair shine. Sounds pretty good, right? Beauty vlogger Ellko gave the trick a try and is very satisfied with the results. All you need is two small bottles of coke and water to rinse it out again!

Take a look at the video for the instructions!